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Bank of America History (BOAH)

Bank of America History
Bank of America History

Bank of America history Dates Back to (1904) when Amadeo Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco to meet with immigrants who refuse services to other banks. Amadeo was raised by the Fava family  Stanghellini when his father was killed while trying to collect a debt of $ (10.00). When the (1906) earthquake in San Francisco, Giannini was able to get the deposits of the bank building and away from heat. Because banks were ruined San Francisco smoking, can not open their coffers, Giannini was able to use the funds to start saving loans in a few days of the disaster. From a makeshift office in a draw in two barrels, which lent money to someone who was ready to rebuild. Later in life he was very proud of these loans were repaid...

In (1922) Giannini founded the Bank of America and Italian in Italy with the acquisition of Bank of Southern Italy, was founded only in (1918)...
On "March" 7, (1927), Giannini consolidated his Bank of Italy (101) branches with the newly formed Liberty Bank of America (175 branches). The result was the Bank of Italy National Trust & Savings Association, with a capital of $ (30,000,000) and resources "115 000 000 USD"...

In (1928), merged "AP" Giannini Bank of America, Los Angeles and has consolidated its stock on the other side to create what became the largest bank in the country. He renamed the Bank of Italy November (3, 1930), called the Bank of America. The merger was completed in early (1929) and was renamed Bank of America. The combined company was headed by Giannini with Orra E. Monnetteserving as co-president...

Bank of America CampusEdge Checking

Bank of America CampusEdge Checking
control account, which is aimed at high school and college students, there are no monthly fees. Five years after Bank of America account in a bank account MyAccess. Bank of America needs a proof that you are a student, before accepting a bank account.

The checking account doesn’t earn interest but you has the following benefits:

Account Features:

ü  Online Banking - account balances and transactions to view online
ü  Debit / "ATM" - cash withdrawals at "ATMs" and make purchases in stores
ü  Regular checks - checks plain
ü  Pay online - register your payment information online and cashier's email
ü  CCA Online - transfer funds online to and from another bank
ü  Statements online - avoid getting a monthly statement by mail
ü  Joint accounts - share this story with a person spouse, child or extra

Additional Notes:

ü  Bank charges "ATM" withdrawal fee - {$ 2.00} for other bank's "ATM"
ü  This account allows ACH deposits and withdrawals started another bank
ü  After the first 5 years, your account will become MyAccess  Verification and no monthly maintenance fees. {Student status will be validated at the opening of account.}
ü  No monthly maintenance offering available only to accounts opened online.
ü  Stuff Happens credit cards: a good time for a refund of the following rates: voice tariff discovered, NSF: referral fee, the fee discovered security transfer, stop payment or Bank of America ATM fee.
ü  {$ 5.00} fee for foreign "ATM" transactions countries
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