Monday, 25 July 2011

Bank of America WorldPoints (BOAWP)

Bank of America WorldPoints 

Bank of America WorldPoints

Bank of America WorldPoints Card is widely accepted as a credit card that offers reward points that can be exchanged for cash, merchandise, gift hotel accommodations, airline tickets and even car rentals. Cardholders accumulate a lot of points every time they use a credit card. In fact, this program card is intended for people who have always wanted to be the reward of their choice while shopping, or to make regular purchases.

Earning Points with Bank of America WorldPoints

Earn points to Bank of America WorldPoints credit card is easy and without any limit. In principle, every dollar charged to the credit card world points, the cardholder earns a reward. But the cardholder may be entitled to a maximum of (10 times) the bonus points when purchases are made championship points, "the shopping center which consists of hundreds of online stores that Bank of America has worked with. In order to redeem the rewards, the cardholder must collect at least (2,500) points.

Fees and Interest Rates

Bank of America  worldpoints credit card offers a {0%} annual fee and the annual percentage rate {APR} by the year or during the first (12) billing periods. However, applies only if the cardholder to pay your bills on time and does not exceed credit limit.

Bank Of America WorldPoints Awarded For Business Visa Card

Ø  Bank of America called "Bank of America credit card for small business owners" - Small Business Card Studio, CardHub April (2011)

Ø  Earn 2X WorldPoints rewards points per {$ 1} spent on purchases at gas stations, restaurants and office supply stores
Ø  And earn WorldPoints reward point for every {$ 1} on all other purchases
Ø  Not limited to earn points
Ø  Employee card at no extra charge with credit limits you can control
Ø  Our Commitment to Clarity  offers small businesses the economic understanding and protection
Ø  Grace period on purchases of long - at least (25) days, the statement closing date

Disadvantages BOA World Points Credit Card
  •   Many customers have criticized the slowness, or lack of customer service.
  •   Some owners complain about the interest rate of the normal map are comparatively higher than most other card programs.
At this writing, the approval of Bank of America  worldpoints credit cards is limited. Thus, it can be difficult for anyone to find this credit card. This is another effect of the recent financial crisis. In addition, credit limit, that person can get approved for credit can vary from his. Finally, the first is always a good idea to compare different credit card programs, before one. This will give you a clearer picture of what program is best suited to your needs. Start comparing credit card offers now!
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