Monday, 12 September 2011

Bank of America Card Services

Bank of America Card Services

Bank American card services in a UK lender first credit card to get accreditation from the national skills Academy for financial services, which offers training to employees.

Developed by the Academy skills accreditation recognizes employers who offer excellent opportunities of education for their employees.

Karen Gresty (illustration), Bank of America card services, MBNA, which acts as the formal exercises, United Kingdom-Brand Manager, said: "Constantly looking for new ways to improve the qualifications of our employees and experience." Our employees are the most valuable asset, we have this accreditation experts, our obligation to provide the best Academy to establish training, employment, internal and external policies.  "

Approve the ratification of the academic skills according to five key areas of assessment, leadership, people, resources. Products and services and the benefits of education. Card services, " Bank American card services and Europe" demonstrate high in all categories.

Perrins, the Director-General of the national skills Academy for financial services, said: " Bank American card services has established itself as the first lender's credit card at United Kingdom to obtain accreditation for their training, reaffirming its commitment to education and inculcate the professionalism of its employees." We believe that invest and create a talent are key to economic development in the United Kingdom. "

Bank American card services

Academy of learning six other companies in the United Kingdom, since accreditation began to grant credit for financial Bank American card services last year.

The Academy also offers skills training provider certification program, which allows employers and training providers to do the same high standards.

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