Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards

Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards

Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards
Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards Business Mastercard is in the process of network Mastercard and serves mainly to companies such as credit history Fair or better.

This card has a fixed interest rate of 0% for the first 12 months after purchase. In regular purchases with this card is 12.49% of the overall type declarations variables balance transfer APR 12.49% of the card is variable. Regular fee for cash advances is $ 49.99% advertising maps take into account any previous bets may be replaced by the current annual interest rate% 27.24 in one of the following events: 2 billing cycles for payment in 12.

Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards business MasterCard werldbointes annual fee of $ 0.00. Transfer of the balance of this book run rate of 3% (minimum £ 10.00). If you use this credit card advance, the fee is 3% (minimum £ 10.00). If your monthly payments on this Board before the fee for late payment of the account balance is $ 19.00 $ 0.00-$ 100.00 or $ 29.00 to calculate the balance between $ 100.01-$ 1 as 1.000, 000.00 or $ 39.00 for your account balance by $ 1 as 1.000, 000.00, $ or $ 49 the account balance is above $ 5, 000.01. Remember that if you exceed the credit limit with this card, you may assess a fee for account balance $ 19.00 $ 0.00-$ 500.00, or $ 29.00 account balance 500.01-1 as 1.000, 000.00 $ or $ 39.00 for the balance of the account that is in excess of $ 1, 000.01.

When you use your debit card from MasterCard of the Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards, to win the prize, which beinhal the property map fo'tet: 1 point for associated with each spent on all purchases $ 1 WorldPoints Rewards program. There is no limit to number of points that you can buy this card.

Bank of America WorldPoints Rewards provides some additional features, such as: support, medical and legal advice; Lost luggage assistance, expert 24/7 dedicated to you for help; Personal accident insurance; Car rental; Access to more than 5800 banking centers and ATMs nationwide 16700 United States; Additional protection for the buyer; Urgent emergency ticket instead of assistance and translation services lost luggage; Access your account online; Detailed monthly report; Emergency management assistance; Use your credit card to check constraints, additional security measures; Emergency translation services.

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