Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bank of America worldpoints credit card

Bank of America worldpoints credit card

Bank of America worldpoints credit card
Bank of America worldpoints credit card for people with good credit and reward innovative coverage programs suitable for almost everyone.

Earn one point for each dollar spent on all purchases and share purchases to a wide range of products or services and travel discounts. ™ “Bank of America worldpoints credit card " is very flexible and allows you to customize the my rewards unlimited valid points in 5 years.

Highest quality award, which is different from credit cards or other visa signature ® WorldPoints ™ annual fee charges are also good introductory 0% APR for new and interesting low interest after General end.

Logo of Bank of America worldpoints credit card Visa Signature ThEwRISIS and concierge, private services, update stock levels, tickets for the theatre, the hotel and all the benefits that come with the installation, such as, for example, your personal help. Awards programme for the protection of the interests of fraud prevention, online account access and other features, can be expected.

Offers introductory interest centres, taking advantage of the card people interest in Bank of America worldpoints credit card Rewards card number 0 interest credit card, this card for those with very good credit, but at the same time, flexible rewards program will be interested in money.

Bank of America worldpoints credit card Visa signature Rewards card is primarily a travel sales. Gold Awards credit card really can pay off in many points, how Cardholders can use the points together for gift items, travel discounts, rewards or payment Cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent on purchases with the card and no limits on the number of points you can earn in a year, Cardholders should know. However, this point expires five years after they deserve.

Unlike many Bank of America worldpoints credit card with zero interest, this reality by APR balance transfer 0%, cash advances and purchase the payment period for the first 15 card card this initial quotation. In addition, the preamble festivals after show land still provides refuge April 99% or $ 19.99%, according to liquidity. Cash, is 19 April 99 after the expiration of the period% introductory period on the other side. Note that the fee is 3% of cash advances and balance transfers this card combined with minimum $ 10.

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