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Bank of America Merchant Services

Bank of America Merchant Services

Bank of America Merchant Services is a leading company that provides payment technology, innovative products and history of the industry to First Data in the strength of the relationship, geographic coverage and leading global brand of Bank of America serve existing and future customers. This has made the Bank of America Merchant Services number one rated electronic payment processor in industry.1 Bank of America Merchant Services offers a full range of payment solutions - including retail payments, gift cards and loyalty programs, e-commerce solutions, terminals and point of sale solutions - for retailers of all sizes. The company has an expansive geographic footprint with over 350,000 links to merchants throughout the United States, handling more than 8 billion transactions per year.

Bank of America Merchant Services, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America specializes in managing credit, debit, prepaid and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card transactions. These cards are the U.S., the second buyer credit business, processing nearly $ 350 billion in annual volume of credit cards. The company processes more than one in five Visa and MasterCard transactions in the country.

Bank of America Merchant Services
was founded in 2004, when Bank of America purchased National Processing Company, National City Corp. at a price of € 1.4 billion. Bank of America, then the Group Merchant Services division in Louisville, Kentucky company. The company's call center is located in El Paso, Texas.

On September 29, 2006, an important source of the NPC, including more than 170,000 retailer contracts, more than 400 ISO relationships, more than 600 community banking relationships, and brand and logo of the NPC, one was bought by Bank of America by ITPS. Simultaneously with the closing of the acquisition, ITPS and each of its subsidiaries have been re-appointed to the company's national treatment, or an NPC name.

Contacts: Elizabeth Grice, First Data
Kerry O’Hare, Bank of America Merchant Services
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