Thursday, 14 July 2011

Compass Bank Online Banking

Compass Bank Online Banking

Compass Bank Online Banking uses the latest technology including the Internet to provide its customers with high quality products and service. Banking services can now be used from anywhere in accordance with customer convenience. Personal accounts can be accessed by users by clicking the mouse on their personal computers. Products and related services that Compass Bank Online Banking include viewing all transactions of both types present and past them on the personal accounts of customers, displaying the image already cleared checks, transfer funds between different accounts Compass Bank. Not only that, the statements also be used by customers through online.

All products and services offered by Compass Bank, online banking are: -

Ø  All transactions of the customer can watch it at any time throughout the year. Current and historical information of the transaction can be regarded as the account holder. The past history of the system account is 180 days.

Ø  Details of the transaction can be downloaded directly from Compass Bank online banking directly to the special software on your computer and the account holder. This spreadsheet program that records event data can be exported is called Microsoft Money or Quicken, online banking.

Ø  Controls have already been cleaned and analyzed by the bank, then uploaded to the launch of online account holder's account. This image of the check already cleared or canceled can be accessed by the customer around the clock, when they connect to their respective accounts to Compass Bank online banking. If a person needs all the verification for documentation purposes, then he or she can do so simply by obtaining a copy of the same. Note that the control line produced is considered equivalent to paper them and get the same weightage.

Ø  The consolidated accounts can be generated and sent to the respective clients via Internet. These statements are usually sent to account holders of the Online Banking Compass Bank through e-mails. If a person needs statements for documentation purposes, then he or she can do just to get a copy of it. It should be noted that the statements generated online are considered equivalent to paper and given the same weighting.

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