Thursday, 14 July 2011

NBT Online Banking

NBT Online Banking

General NBT Online Banking:
NBT Online Banking provides customers with NBT Bank NBT in a more direct level of access than the traditional banking system could allow, allowing customers to use NBT Bank accounts via their home computers or mobile devices, so customers have access to manage accounts in their own time, without having to visit the local branch in order to deal with their personal accounts. Customers are quickly transferred to this type of service and will probably continue to do so, as more and more homes become digital in the future.

NBT online banking allows customers to:

ü  Access to accounts 24 hours a day
ü  Check the current
ü  Pay your bills online
ü  Talk to Customer Service
ü  Monitoring accounts for suspicious activity
ü  Keep contact information up to date
ü  Funds Transfer

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