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Bank of America wire transfer

Bank of America wire transfer

Bank of America wire transfer. Simple, safe and modern money transfer between individuals or businesses without using cash, credit, money orders or any other form of physical transfer Bank transfers are considered very safe because no money is managed. Transfer of money this way you can do in a country which is called a domestic transfer, or country to another, called an international transfer.


Bank of America wire transfer from bank to bank money by using electronic means. The money goes from one account to the account of others and can be cast in person at the bank or online. The shipment is usually not immediate, but usually can be completed in a few hours. Sometimes an intermediary bank that handles the transaction between the sending and receiving bank.

What is Needed

If a person or company to transfer money through the
Bank of America wire transfer, they need a couple of things. Should be the account numbers to transfer money to and from the identification if the person making the transfer or use for their online account and IBAN and BIC or SWIFT tag, which has been shown that in particular banks, because the transfer of money to the bank. What kind of code of the bank should depend on the country where the bank is located.


Sometimes there are limits to how much money can be transferred in a single transaction, especially if you are sending money abroad.
Bank of America wire transfer can be done without the bank. Services such as Western Union can send money in one place to another through news agencies, but these services are not as safe as the Bank of America is truly a bank, because they involve real money transactions at both ends of the transfer.

International Transfer

You can send a
Bank of America wire transfer, you can sign up online banking, click the Transfer tab, and click outside the bank board. The fees for an international management are as follows:
  1. Cost of sending funds to international locations is $ 45 USD
  2. Cost of sending funds to international positions in foreign currency is $35
  3. The costs associated with the receipt of funds by wire transfer is $ 16

Wire Transfer
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