Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bank of American REO - Bank of America ACH

Bank of America REO properties is at record levels. If you are looking for a way to find foreclosures, including Bank of America foreclosures for sale. You've come to the right place.
There are a lot of features, which can be found online, and the best way to find them is to check directly with financiers such as Bank of America REO Properties Department.

Bank of America has a direct portal REO anyone can use, like most big banks.
Bank of America REO REO or short BOFA site has search capabilities. Including REO by zip code or by the state so it's easy to find, local seizures.

I'm not saying that a large amount of REO opportunities do not go down. I'll just say that the scale has a range of millions of dollars instead of billions of dollars range. These bulk REO packages usually consist of a dozen or fewer properties, and are not the norm. A typical bulk REO packages are only two or three properties, and yes, they made common investors like you and me.

Bank of America ACH

Bank of America ACH  Bank of America ACH was $ 600 unauthorized withdrawal from my bank account. This happened on 08/01/10 and caused my bank account to be hard surface with a total of $ 148. in NSF fees so far. I struggled with the Bank of America in 3 days to return the money to my account and pay for returned checks. Although the Bank of America admit that they made unauthorized withdrawals, as far as I am concerned a fraudulent transaction, the process of making money to my account take up to 72 hours. January 18th is a holiday, so I do not see my money around 20. This results in 12 days from my bank account to disappear due to Bank of America "errors". NSF cost recovery may take up to 4-6 weeks. What is even more shocking is when I went to my bank to see what they could do, and the bank manager said she sees this sort of thing all the time with Bank of America ACH .

Bank of America is a scam and ACH processing fraudulent transactions so you can make money with the interests of their clients' money?

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